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Correspondent Attorney Services


Redefining Correspondent Attorney Services

At DONNELLY-BORNMAN LAW Inc, we’ve pioneered AttorneySync, a service that transcends traditional correspondent attorney roles. Why? Because we understand the pulse of legal matters and the heartbeat of your firm’s needs.

Imagine a world where geographical boundaries don’t limit your control over your clients’ legal issues. That’s the world AttorneySync creates. It’s not just about handling cases; it’s about synchronizing our expertise with your firm’s unique requirements in the Free State jurisdiction. This means when you entrust a case to us, it’s treated with the same dedication and care as if it were in your hands.

We’ve all heard the saying, “A man far from his goods is near his harm.” AttorneySync erases this concern. Your reputation is as precious to us as ours. We are committed to upholding it by ensuring you’re always in the loop, always informed, and always ready to provide your clients with precise, timely updates.

Correspondent Services Offered

Redefining Correspondent Attorney Services

High Court of the Free State held at Bloemfontein
Supreme Court of Appeal
Free State Bloemfontein Deeds office
Free State Society of Advocates

Our AttorneySync Benefits

Exclusivity and Ethics

Limited to law firms with a clean record.

Transparency at Your Fingertips

Instant access to our office files ensures you’re never in the dark about your matters.

Responsive Collaboration

Say goodbye to the frustration of unresponsive attorneys. We’re here to keep you updated, always.

Predictable Fees

With our accurate and fixed fee structures, the days of unexpected bills are behind you.

Expertise That Speaks

Our specialists in each legal area are dedicated to securing the best outcomes for your clients.

Reputation Matters

Your reputation is protected at all times.

Community Focused

A portion of our fees is invested back into the community, embodying our belief in social responsibility.

Continual Improvement

Your feedback drives our growth. We’re constantly evolving to serve you better.

Ready to Sync? Contact us today. 

With AttorneySync, bridge the gap between jurisdictions with ease and confidence. Let’s work together to deliver the precision, care, and excellence your clients deserve.

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Let’s work together to find the best legal solutions tailored to your unique situation. Your journey to legal success starts with a simple message or call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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